Children's Advocacy Centers provide services to child victims unlike any other organization. Please visit our Contact a Center page if you are looking for a CAC in your area.

Below is a short video explaining how CAC's work. Please see our What is a CAC page to find out more.

Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington 

(CACWA) is the state-wide organization that supports Child Advocacy Centers through funding, training and technical assistance, and development of new CAC's. We, and local CAC's, are accredited through the National Children's Alliance to assure the highest standard of care is provided to victims. There are currently 16 accredited CAC's providing comprehensive services in 24 Washington counties and efforts to expand services are ongoing. We are committed to ensuring all children can benefit from the services a local CAC provides.

The Purpose of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington:

1. To gain statewide consistency in the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse while acknowledging and supporting local diversity;

2. To support the development, growth and continuation of Children's Advocacy Centers (CAC's) and multidisciplinary teams involved in the field of reported child abuse through the provision of technical assistance, training and networking opportunities;

3. To coordinate the efforts of statewide organizations and agencies involved in child abuse intervention;
4. To promote the prevention of child abuse.

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Have you heard about the SHINE Campaign? 

SHINE is the national campaign to transform the converstation around child sexual abuse. You can help! You can be a beacon of hope to a child by listening, being supportive, and even sharing your own story of overcoming abuse. Help shine a light in the darkness for survivors!

 Join C.A.C.WA and The National Childrens Alliance to help bring hope, healing and justice to all children suffering from abuse. To find out more about the SHINE campaign please visit or find SHINE on Facebook: @SHINEcause.
Read more about SHINE below and join CACWA on Facebook for more on this important movement!

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Margaret Hoelzer is an Olympic medalist, winning two silver medals and a bronze during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. She is a public speaker on child abuse issues, and is a national spokesperson for the National Children's Advocacy Center. Here is Margaret's Ted Talk on how she has overcome the trauma of abuse, and how a Children's Advocacy Center helped!

Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington is an accredited member of the NCA