Online Safety Resouces

Resources for Protecting Kids Online

During the pandemic, children spent more time online and their exposure to risk increased. This page includes a wide range of resources that can help parents and caregivers keep kids safe as they continue to utilize digital technology to learn, socialize and stay connected. Click the blue buttons below for resources on each.

Additional Resources

  • Darkness to Light’s “Protecting Children During a Crisis” Training designed to help you navigate through the unusual circumstances you might face during times of crisis. This change is any situation where you need to modify the steps you take to protect your children from things that are out of your control. This training will help you consider your current strategies, help you identify the new situation, and help you change your strategy.
  • Darkness to Light’s “Safe Online Learning: For Teachers” Training during this unusual time, teachers have had to completely change the way they teach. As teachers tread through this new space, it’s important to remember that physical classroom environments have classroom rules and schools have child protection policies. These still apply to the digital teaching environment. This resource provides some ideas for online safety protocols for remote schooling.
  • When children stay at home, they are isolated from places where adults often look out for their safety and well-being including schools, childcare facilities, places of worship and other public areas.

    Below you will find information for Adults, Essential Workers and Educators on how to recognize that a child is unsafe and how to respond.