Login to admin portal Here

Look for “Restrict” on the left-hand menu.

Hover over “Restrict” and click memberships

Non-approved members will show up as CACWA Applicant. 

Click on the name of the non-approved member you wish to approve, then click “edit” next to the membership level. 

Change membership level to CACWA Member then click “Change Level”. 

Then click ok button if warning pops up. 

The member will then be approved to access the member resources page when they log in. 



Once logged in, click “Events” on the side menu. 

Then click “Add New” at the top of the page. 

You can then edit the event title, category, date, and time. 

On this page, you will also be able to edit the venue, organizer, event ticket or website link, and a featured image that represents the event. You can also add cost if there is a cost associated with the event. 

Click publish when done. 

The event will show up live on all event portions of the website. 



Once logged into the dashboard, hover over the site title in the top left corner and click “Visit Site”.

Once on the homepage, navigate to the resource page you would like to edit and click “edit with elementor”. 

Click the edit icon to the right of the text module you would like to edit. 

Use box to the left to edit the text within the module. 

You can highlight text and click the link icon to add links. 

Input the link and click the arrow button to insert the link. 

Then underline the link to make it stand out. 

After final changes are made click “update” at bottom of page. 




You can add a pdf in the text editor by clicking the cursor where you would like to place a pdf link or image Then clicking “add media” button.

After final changes are made click “update” at bottom of page. 

How to Adjust Font Size and Color

You can change between predetermined font sizes by highlighting the font you wish to change size and clicking this button in the edit window. A drop down will come down with the selection of sizes. H1 being the largest choice. 

Additional font options such as color are found by expanding the additional options by clicking this button. Then highlight the text you wish to apply the changes to and click the font color icon. 

Changing Image Sizes

Insert an image by clicking the add media button.


Then upload or select an image.


Then click insert.


Then click on the image you would like to resize and you can justify it or click and drag the corner of the image to make it larger or smaller.